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"In the Net"
Theatre Performance in our Hall for Key Stage 2 Pupils
14th October 2016


'In the Net' is a fantastically fun piece of children's theatre that was developed out of a growing need
to make young children aware of internet safety and the real-world effects of cyber-bullying.

It's Dotty's birthday and she's just got a shiny new iPad, but there's a problem.  She's nothing too safe online.
She's posting personal information, chatting to strangers and making rude comments about school friends.
When her behavoiour results in her being pulled into the computer, Dotty finds herself caught 'In the Net'.
The clock is ticking and in order to get home she must go on a quest down the information super-highway.
A quest to find out how to be safer and more responsible online.
Along the way she's helped by a whole host of colourful characters.

The play covers:-

. Safe Internet Use.

. Keeping personal information safe.

.The effects of Cyber-Bullying on others.

.What to do if you get that "Uh-Oh!" feeling.

. What to do if you have questions or concerns.


Afterwards, the school did a survey with a selection of each Year Group for their reactions and the effectiveness of the Play.  Everyone, including Teachers, gave it full marks and felt they had a better understanding on how easy it is to inappropriately share information that they should not be sharing.